The wedding ceremony is over, and everyone heads to the reception to help the new couple celebrate their new life together. Planning the reception is harder than planning the actual wedding ceremony. There is so much you have to put together: a caterer, the color scheme, the venue, the band or DJ, and the list goes on. But, what have to you done to make your wedding reception the one that everyone remembers? Have you thought about the many ways you and your guests can incorporate confetti cannons that fire metallic wedding confetti into various parts of the reception for the most fun?

The Arrival

The bride and groom are supposed to be the last ones to come into the reception by tradition. What better way to bring them into the reception than color coordinated metallic wedding confetti showering them the moment they walk through the doors? The happy couple will love it and so will all of the guests starting with the moment the confetti cannons go off with a big "Pop!"

The Toast

Once everyone is seated, and before the meal has been served, it's time to toast the happy couple with champagne glasses in hand. This is the perfect time for one or two guests to fire off a cannon showering the groom with wedding confetti in silver, gold, or any one of many other colors. A shower of confetti only adds to the excitement of the moment.

The All Important First Dance

This is where giving confetti cannons to everyone in attendance is truly a great idea. We all know the magic of the first dance together as husband and wife. The DJ puts on the couple's favorite song, turns the lights down low, and the happy couple strolls out on the floor hand in hand. The dance starts, the lights flash, and everyone starts showering them with pound after pound of confetti. The dance floor looks like a multi-colored snow drift as the couples swirl through it, lost in the music and each other's love.

The dance is on as more couples join the newlyweds out on the floor, the evening is off to a good start. To keep the magic going all night, have a few people staged around the room whose job it is to fire off their confetti cannons from time to time. This will help keep the air full of confetti and ensure everyone has a fun-filled night to remember.

On the Way Out

As the evening draws to an end, have everyone at the reception form two lines for the bride and groom to pass through — a kind of gauntlet, if you will. This is the perfect time to cover them in a virtual snow shower of metallic wedding confetti starting from the moment they enter the gauntlet until they reach the car that will take them on their first journey together as husband and wife. For the best selection of confetti cannons and wedding sparklers, visit Weddings Sparklers Outlet and let us be the ones to help you put the magic in your wedding and reception.