When it comes to wedding sparklers, many people think of using them during a grand exit. This wedding trend is nothing new. In fact, it is one of the most popular wedding trends and for good reason. Wedding sparklers make for awesome wedding photos from the best night of your life. However, don’t feel like you can only use sparklers at the end of your reception when you are saying goodbye. There are plenty of fun and creative ways you can incorporate wedding sparklers besides the ever so famous grand exit. So today, we’ve come up with five other creative ways we wanted to share for using sparklers at your wedding. These are ways you probably would never even think of!

A Sparkler Girl, Instead of a Flower Girl

Instead of having a flower girl walk down the aisle, try something different, a sparkler girl! Allow her to walk down the aisle with one or two sparklers in hand. This idea would really work well if you decide to have a later ceremony. 

Adding Sparklers Into Your Photos

Besides capturing a great photo at the end of the night with sparklers, try asking your photographer if you can incorporate them in other photos with your bridal party as well. Like we said, sparklers really make for good photos. 

Add Sparklers Into Your First Dance

Sparklers can make for a very romantic, and unique first dance! Have all of your guests circle around you and hold a sparkler while you dance as newlyweds for the first time. This is definitely a way to light up the dance floor. 

Cut the Cake With Sparklers

Quite often do wedding guests not even know that there is a cake cutting going on! By adding sparklers you will get your guests’ attention and also add a little spunk into the moment!

Unity Sparkler

Unity wedding ceremonies are very popular today. Many couples come up with a creative way to share their unity. We’ve seen sand being poured into a bottle or lighting a candle together. Well, what about a sparkler unity? You can still go ahead and have the unity candle process but will use wedding sparklers to light them.

Using wedding sparklers started as a trend almost ten years ago and is still the most popular way to end your wedding night. But we are asking you to switch it up a bit and get creative! How can you incorporate wedding sparklers into your wedding day?