Your wedding day will be one that you want to remember but if the planning for the big day is one giant mess of stress, it may not be a joyous occasion that you want to recall. Follow these tips for a stress-free wedding so you can look back at this time with smiles and laughter. 

Realistic Budget

First and foremost, set a budget and stick to it. The last thing you want to do is create stress caused by a financial strain because your partners and your expectations of a wedding budget were off. Don’t count on money gifts at your wedding to pay for your honeymoon or offset what you spend on the wedding itself. Decide on a budget and forge ahead, working within that budget. 

Set a Timeline For Deadlines

Before you select a venue, choose a dress, or even start discussing your wedding plans, set a date. The date you choose will help dictate the rest of the wedding, from the decor to the dress, based on the time of the year your wedding will take place. After you have chosen a wedding date, set up a timeline to ensure that all other aspects of your wedding are taken care of. Your timeline should include a deadline to choose the venue and officiant (12 months before your wedding), a deadline for caterers, DJs, florists, and other vendors (6-9 months before your wedding), choosing dresses, both your wedding day dress and bridesmaid dresses (6 months before your wedding), sending out wedding invitations (at least 4 months ahead of time), and other important “to-do” dates. By sitting down and writing out deadlines for each item, you alleviate the stress of forgetting something essential and important.  

Keep It Small

Everybody loves a good wedding but you don’t have to invite your Great Aunt Sally’s twice-removed cousin just because your mom was invited to her wedding 40 years ago. Keep your guest list as small as you can possibly can. Small will mean different things for different people. for some people, small may mean 100 people. For others, that may mean 15 people on a destination wedding. 

Remember That It’s Your Day

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to keep everyone happy but you need to remember that it’s your day and that means your wedding should like the way that you want it. Don’t be afraid to remind those around you that your wedding day is for you and your life partner and they are along for the ride. Plan a day that reflects your love for each other and enjoy every moment of it! 

For a memorable wedding day moment, consider adding a wedding sparkler send-off or a wedding confetti moment to the reception. Fun elements that add style and personality.