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All States have a different set of Laws. The American Pyrotechnics Association, has all of the state laws on there web page. This map will give you a brief reference to what is allowed in your state: ( Map ).
No, TSA and FAA regulations do not allow for sparklers to be carried onto or checked in your baggage on any airplane or commercial flight.
We only sell Sparklers that are approved for outdoor use. Before using sparklers, always make sure to read the directions on the outside of the box and follow all safety guidelines.
No, we are limited to ground shipping only, any location that would require the sparklers to be shipped on an airplane is not allowed.
No, sparklers are classified as hazardous material and can only be shipped by ground shipping. This prevents us from being able to offer any kind of rush delivery.
We can not ship to Delaware or Massachusetts due to laws in those states regulating sparklers. We can not ship sparklers to Alaska, Hawaii or any US territories because sparklers would have to be transported by air.
Silver sparklers are not sold in the United State because of the toxic gas that they put off from the chemicals that have to be used to make them. So all of the sparklers that you are seeing in pictures for weddings and parties are "gold" sparklers.
The most popular sparklers for weddings and parties are the 20 inch (2 minute burn time) and 36 inch sparklers (4 minute burn time). The 10 inch sparklers have a shorter burn time and are a good item to give as a favor or for small weddings or partie
Sparklers have a shelf life of 2-3 years as long as they are stored in a dry area. Make sure to leave plenty of time for their delivery, they can only be shipped by ground transportation.