Whether you are planning an evening wedding or your reception will be held in the evening, there is nothing quite like the fiery glow of our 36-inch wedding sparklers to light up the night. There are so many different ways to use wedding sparklers as part of your wedding ceremony, reception, and wedding photos, it would be hard to list them all here. Instead, we have chosen some of our favorite uses for sparklers that burn for 3-1/2 minutes.

The Sun is Setting

Picture this. The sun is just starting to set, the bride and groom have exchanged vows, and now they are ready to exit the venue to get ready for their reception. Each of the guests is lined up along the sidewalk leading from the venue to the car. In their hands are lit 36-inch sparklers. As the happy couple walks out and moves toward the car, everyone holds their wedding sparklers aloft, creating a tunnel of golden light and sparks. What a beautiful way to send the couple off on their new life together.

Let the Dance Begin

The pavilion is set up, the meal has been served, and it's time for the couple's first dance together as husband and wife. You could go with the colored lights that have become commonplace at most weddings, but why would you want to? They are a little passé, and to be honest, can be reserved for when everyone is out on the dance floor. Why not hand each of the guests one of our sparklers that can be lit as the couple hits the floor, bathing them in a golden glow while they slowly move across the floor to the sound of ‚Äútheir song."

Time for Pictures

No wedding is complete without an album full of wedding photographs. But why stick with the standards when you can give the photos a magical touch using a variety of sparklers including 10-, 20-, and 36-inch sparklers, and - of course - our heart-shaped sparklers? For example, you could have the bride and groom stand next to each other while each of them holds a lit heart-shaped sparkler.

Perhaps you could make good use of the full 3-1/2 minutes our longest sparklers burn for and a little time-lapse photography to let the happy couple write words like LOVE in the air. These are only a few uses for our wedding sparklers as part of the wedding photos. You can add a touch of magic to any photograph by including the glow and shower of golden sparks created by our sparklers. The best part is that they burn virtually smoke free so they won't fog the photos.

And In the End

Finish the night off by creating a final tunnel of glowing light created by our longest sparklers for the happy couple to walk through as they thank their guests and make their way to their "getaway" vehicle. From here they can drive off into the sunset starting their new life together as husband and wife.  Visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet for your wedding sparkler needs.