Wedding sparklers are rapidly becoming a very popular addition to weddings around the country. They offer a great way to light up your send-off, enhance your photos, and highlight your wedding reception. But have you given much thought to how you plan to use them at your reception, beyond the fact that everyone will enjoy lighting them and having fun with them?  

Mark Place Settings

One great way to make use of sparkler tags is to use them as place markers instead of the standard cards. Each tag is designed to hold one or two wedding sparklers and comes printed with one of two different phrases, "Let Love Sparkle" or "Let Sparks Fly". Choose from three different styles or Kraft paper.

For those who want to go just that little bit further, our custom tags for wedding sparklers can be ordered with the names of the bride and groom. Our tags can be ordered in a range of eight different colors to ensure they complement your wedding reception’s color scheme. There’s no need to pick up a cheap set of place markers when you can use our decorative wedding sparkler tags.

Plain place markers are not made to hold wedding sparklers. If you try to punch your own holes in them, you are more likely to make a mess than end up with beautiful sparkler tags. Each of our sparkler tags has a pre-punched hole on the top and bottom that is perfect for one or two sparklers.

Why Sparklers at the Reception?

Why should you use sparkler tags and wedding sparklers to mark each seat? Mostly just for the fun of it. We offer three different sizes of sparklers for you to choose from. Our 10-inch sparklers will burn for 45 seconds, which might be perfect for those giving toasts. Our 20-inch wedding sparklers burn for 1.5 to 2.0 minutes which could be used to light up the best man or groom's speech. And finally, our 36-inch sparklers are designed to burn for 3.5 minutes, making them the perfect choice for adding a little romantic light to the happy couple's first dance.

Be as Creative as You Want to Be

With so many colors to choose from when ordering your sparkler tags, you can be just as creative as you want to be. Use individual colors to mark tables, alternating colors for the fun of it, or use groups of colors to help families find their seats. Or you could order some of each color and distribute them throughout the tables. No matter how you use them, the right sparkler tags can make a huge difference to your wedding reception.

If you are looking for where to buy wedding sparklers and custom sparkler tags, visit us at Wedding Sparklers Outlet and take a look at our selection. We offer a large selection of sparklers and tags for you to choose from with fast turnaround times. Let your love sparkle for everyone to see and be sure to order your sparkler tags early, to ensure they are ready for your special day.