You have decided that wedding sparklers are a MUST for your big day. How could they not be? Wedding sparklers are a festive decor item to incorporate into your celebration! At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we know a thing or two about wedding sparklers. We can suggest what length and type of sparklers you should purchase for your day. In this blog, we will let you in on a little secret: the beauty of 36 inch sparklers!

36 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

Why are 36 inch sparklers the perfect length for your big day? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Smokeless sparklers

  • Approx. 3.5 burn time

  • Easy to light tips

  • Great Reviews!

Imagine lighting up the night without smoke or worrying about the sparkler burning out immediately. Our 36 sparklers are the best option for wedding send offs and celebrations. Here are a few reviews from our customers that support our claims!

36” Sparklers Reviews

“I cannot say enough good things about these sparklers! First of all, we ordered a bit late in the game but they arrived with plenty of time before our wedding. The sparklers themselves worked perfectly with such a long burn time and no smoke - our send-off pictures look beautiful, like something out of a movie!! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!”

“I have ordered these 36" sparklers for both of my daughters weddings and I highly recommend them! They are long enough that they don't burn the guests and have plenty of burn time for the Bride & Groom to exit all the way down the line before the sparkers go out. Little to no smoke from the sparklers which make the exit pictures look great.”

“The 36" sparklers were a hit, they lasted a long time to capture nice photos and were a great send-off!”  

Plan the perfect send off with our 36” sparklers! With longer burn times and no smoke, you will capture some breathtaking photos! Make memories on your special day with our famous 36 inch wedding sparklers!

It’s not too late! Order your 36” sparklers in a pack of 48, 96, 144 or 192! Check your guest list and check it twice! Order yours today and get ready for your wedding celebration! Contact us to get started!