You have the perfect wedding planned--the invitations are sent and you’re trying to think of a creative send off for your wedding. The send-off is the BEST part of the wedding! You are walking hand in hand as husband and wife for the first time! It’s a magical moment that deserves a celebration. Here are our creative send-off ideas for your wedding!

1. Sparklers for Weddings

Wedding sparklers are the best way to be sent off as bride and groom! Buy enough party sparklers to ensure each of your guests will have one for the grand send off. Have your guests line up and create an illuminated tunnel filled with sparklers and cheers as you run with your significant other to embark on your biggest journey together.

2. Confetti

Confetti, of course! Celebrate with multi-colored or wedding themed confetti cannons to commemorate the event! Confetti will make for great photos and allow your guests to be involved in the process. Make your send off colorful and fun with a little confetti.

3. Balloons

Balloons are a symbolic send off. Not only are you being sent off as husband and wife, but the sky will be filled with balloons, descending in the sky. Arrange for your balloons to match the theme colors of your wedding! Your send off will be a beautiful act as balloons make their way into the clouds.

4. Bubbles

Bubbles are a creative, interactive send off. Imagine running through a tunnel filled with bubbles and love. All of your guests, loved ones, family and friends will blow bubbles to signify a new era. The bubble send off is inexpensive and will make for incredible photos!

5. Rose Petals

What is more romantic than rose petals? Could there be a more elegant send off than one that involves a sea of rose petals? If your wedding is traditional, wrap it up with a traditional send off. The photos will be timeless and the moment will feel like time is at a standstill. Choose your rose petals wisely and pick a color you would like to represent your love.

6. Rice

Rice or bird seeds are a traditional, easy way to send off the bride and groom. Leave individual bags of either on the seats of your guests so you are able to throw them when the time is right! The rice signifies good luck as you’re sent off from your big day.

7. Glow Sticks

If you’re having a night wedding, glow sticks are a wonderful way to light up the night. Give your guests a neon glowstick to wave as you walk hand in hand. A send off should be creative and unique! Give your send off a pop of color and a splash of fun with glow sticks.

8. Sprinkles

Sprinkles are another inexpensive, creative way to send off the bride and groom. Grab a few bottles of rainbow sprinkles and allow your guests to shower you with love as you celebrate your marriage!

9. Candles

For a more low key, intimate send off, candles are a silent way to celebrate your love. Candles will be lit in your honor to celebrate the love and journey you have began with your best friend. It will make for a moment you will never forget.

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