Spring is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. This time of year has much to offer that can be used to create the perfect wedding and reception. There are numerous spring festivals and of course a plethora of flowers coming into bloom. But the perfect wedding doesn't just happen; you have to put in your due diligence to create it. Most women start putting together their wedding ideas and plans from a very early age. While these ideas might change over time when the time comes to start planning your special day, here are five wedding planning tips we hope you find useful.

1. Consider the Weather

Unless you live in Southern California, Florida, or Southern Texas, there is one essential element of your wedding you have absolutely no control over but can have the most impact. This is the weather. You could be enjoying a nice mild spring or have to deal with heavy snows. It depends on where you live and what Mother Nature has in store for your special day. One of our favorite wedding planning tips is to plan for just about any weather, especially if you are thinking about having an outdoor wedding, be sure to have an indoor venue available as a fallback.

2. Spring is All About Color

It seems like everyone likes using pastel palettes for their weddings, but spring is the time of year when everywhere is literally bursting with color. With this in mind, why not choose a color palette for your wedding that explodes with colors. Bright greens (to echo the fresh green grass), bold reds, yellows, or blues, true complements to many wildflowers and garden flowers just coming into their own.

3. Consider a Tent

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, spring can be the perfect time of year for one or the worst. The best outdoor wedding ideas can be ruined by a simple rain shower or three feet of fresh snow. When looking for a wedding equipment rental company, be sure you choose one that can provide you with tents for the wedding and reception just in case the weather should change.

4. Book Early

It only stands to reason that with spring being one of the most popular times of the year for weddings that available dates fill up early. The sooner you book your wedding venue, the more likely you are to get the date you want. Once you know that you have the date you want, you can start pulling your wedding ideas together and turn them into a finalized plan you can present to your caterers, florists, the venue management, and anyone else who is involved in making your wedding a success.

5. Keep Your Budget Firmly In Mind

Far too many brides are afraid to reveal their budget. Many are worried that once they reveal their budget for each part of their wedding, each vendor will find a way to make them spend every dime. When it comes to wedding planning tips, this is one of our favorites here at Wedding Sparklers Outlet. You will find that once you tell the vendor how much you have to work with, they will be in a better position to get the most for your money for everything from flowers to wedding sparklers for your guests.

By far the most popular option is to use sparklers during your wedding send-off line instead of rice or confetti. This also provides one of the most exciting experiences possible. Simply replace the normal birdseed, rice, confetti, or bubbles with wedding sparklers instead. Your photos will be better, your guests will love it, and you will both feel like the center of attention one last time on your big day!