There are so many things that go into planning every minute of your special day. You can spend hours planning every detail, and in fact, most brides spend months trying to plan everything down to the last detail. You've planned the ceremony, found the caterers, rented the reception venue, your dress is undergoing adjustments, and the list goes on. But what have you done to make the send-off one to remember? Have you considered using confetti cannons instead of the traditional bags of rice?

Why Confetti?

Consider the options for things to shower the happy couple on their way out. Tradition calls for the bride and groom to be showered with rice. Sounds good so far, doesn't it? But rice can get in eyes, mouths, ears, hair, and more making a mess and in the case of eyes could cause injury. Rice might be biodegradable, but takes months to dissolve, meanwhile, it attracts birds and rodents. Confetti, on the other hand, makes a far less painful option.

If you buy your confetti cannons from Wedding Sparklers Outlet filled with our heart confetti, you don't have to worry about it getting into someone's eyes and causing injury. To make things even better, they are made from fully biodegradable paper. The paper is water soluble so as the rains fall; the paper will dissolve and disappear. The materials used are non-toxic making them safe for outdoor use.

To the Reception, We Go!

Most of the celebrating will done at the reception, but before you get there, you have to leave your wedding venue as husband and wife. This is the perfect time to arm your guests with our cannons. As you walk out of the venue, they can fire off the cannons creating a glorious shower of heart confetti for the two of you to walk through on your way to the car that will take you to your reception.

Because our confetti is biodegradable, this alleviates the need for someone to remain behind cleaning up the mess for hours. Instead, it can be left for Mother Nature to wash away with the next good rain, provided the venue doesn't mind. However, a much better way to deal with the mess is to have someone sweep up the bulk of it and use a garden hose to wash the rest safely into the ground.

At the Reception

After the dancing is over and the time has come for the newlyweds to leave, it's time to rearm the guests with another round of cannons. Our cannons are powered by a charge of compressed air, which makes them safe for indoor use as well as outdoor. Your guests can begin to shower you with heart confetti while you and your new husband are enjoying your first dance together, but when you exit is a much better time to shower you once more in a brilliant red shower of paper hearts.

Whether you are looking for confetti cannons that fire heart confetti, wedding sparklers, wedding sparkler tags, or heart sparklers to add that final touch of magic, visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet and let us help make your wedding just that little bit more memorable.