When looking for wedding reception ideas, many of our customers use our 4" cake sparklers as a way to dress up their wedding cake. Our selection of these sparklers is rapidly becoming one of our hottest sellers. Adding sparklers to your cake is a real crowd-pleaser. While you could get away with sticking 10" wedding sparklers in your cake, using sparklers that have been specifically designed for use in cakes makes more sense.


Food Safe


Our 4" cake sparklers are completely food safe, ensuring that even after they have been used and burned out, the cake will still be 100% edible. Many restaurants choose our cake sparklers as a way to add a little magic to a variety of their most popular desserts. They can be used for many different events beyond weddings, such as anniversaries and birthdays.


Our 4-inch cake sparklers will burn for approximately 30 seconds. We recommend you add four of them to each tier of your cake. This number will provide you with maximum illumination without going overboard. One of our more popular wedding reception ideas is to place a sparkler on each piece of cake as it is served, letting your guests join in the fun.


A Shower of Golden Sparks


Our cake sparklers come with a plastic spike on the base that holds the sparklers firmly in place. Once lit, they produce a golden shower of sparks with a virtually smokeless 10-inch flame. Unlike standard sparklers that may leave a slightly toxic residue on your cake, these sparklers are 100% food safe and are designed to blow the sparklers away from your cake if tilted slightly out from the center of the cake.


The Benefits of Our Wedding Cake Sparklers


There are several benefits to using our 4" cake sparklers:

  •  Add a touch of dazzle to the cake cutting ceremony

  •  Made specifically for use on wedding cakes

  •  Made from food-grade materials

  •  Will not disturb or stain the icing on your wedding cake

  •  Shower your guests and cake with golden sparks

  • They burn virtually smoke free

 Grab Everyone's Attention


In this day of short attention spans, it can be hard to keep everyone's eyes focused on the cake cutting ceremony. One of our more popular wedding reception ideas is to use our wedding cake sparklers to draw the eye of everyone in the room. The best way to do this is to add four sparklers to each tier of your cake. The golden glow of showering sparks is sure to draw all eyes onto the cake as well as the bride and groom as they make the first cut.


Take this concept one step further by adding a cake sparkler to the bride and groom’s slice of cake before handing out a slice to each of your guests. You could go further by adding a sparkler to each person’s slice at the head of a table or go all the way by putting sparklers on each slice of cake and lighting them just before handing them to your guests.


For more information on our 4- and 6-inch wedding cake sparklers, visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet. This may be one of our most inspiring wedding reception ideas, so make sure you order plenty. The more you order, the bigger the discount.