While it’s true that wedding sparklers have long been the mainstay of wedding send offs, one great alternative to “the norm” are confetti cannon wedding send-offs. It’s hard to argue with the whimsical fun of confetti cannons. Vibrant and colorful paper flying in the air set the stage for a happy, joyous event that people of all ages can enjoy. Even better, the confetti cannons sold by weddingsparklers.com contain biodegradable tissue paper, ensuring that they don’t harm the environment and can be used safely, indoors or outdoors.

Confetti cannons will even work at small events. Have two guests hold two handheld confetti cannons at the end of the beginning of your exit line and your guests beyond that. As you exit, your two helpers will fire the cannons and you can walk through an arc of colorful paper, giving the rest of your guests a festive view that will keep the excitement of your great night going.

Be sure to instruct your helpers to ready to launch the confetti towards the center of the aisle as soon as you and your new spouse exit the door. Two confetti cannons work well for parties of 30 guests or less.

If you are organizing a bigger ceremony with more guests, you should consider providing Confetti Cannons more guests. The more guests you supply cannons to, the more festive the event will be. The air will be filled with confetti instantly with confetti slowly floating and fall down over the two of you as you make your exit, making for an incredible photo opportunity.

Our Handheld Confetti Cannons are sure to fill the air with confetti, giving you the exact festive, joyous setting you want for your send-off.