Are you planning a party, maybe since spring is here a barbecue, or perhaps a wedding? Are you looking for ways to make the event special, magical, and memorable? Why not consider celebrating each of these special events with our 20" wedding sparklers? What better way to celebrate the spark that led to your wedding day than by making sure your guests all have plenty of sparklers for weddings.

Our Sparklers Are Safe

Before we go too far in covering the many different ways you can use our wedding sparklers to celebrate your special event, let's talk about them a little bit. Our sparklers for weddings start with a long steel rod that is then coated with the materials that create the golden shower of sparks. These materials have been chosen for their ability to create massive showers of sparks that are perfectly safe while not making huge clouds of smoke.

This means your guests can use their sparklers inside to help celebrate your wedding or outside after the two of you have tied the knot. Imagine (for the bride) the aisle to where your spouse to be is standing, waiting for you while being lit by the golden glow of our wedding sparklers. The sparks are harmless and won't stain your wedding dress if any should happen to come close enough to "land" on your gown.

Our Sparklers Are Made to Last

Whether you are using our sparklers to light your way down the aisle or for your exit out of the church as newlyweds, they need to last more than a few seconds. Our 20" wedding sparklers burn for approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes and disperse massive amounts of harmless gold sparks.

With these sparklers, your guests can light them the moment you step into the aisle, and they are sure to burn long enough for you to make your graceful walk to the aisle before burning out. You could go all out and have your bridesmaids and groomsmen hold lit sparklers aloft over the two of you while you exchange vows. Talk about a great way to revisit the spark that started it all and add a touch of magic to your special day!

To the Reception

Time to light up your wedding reception by giving your guests sparklers they can use them to light up your first dance together as newlyweds. Because they burn for up to two minutes, our sparklers are the perfect way to add a little magic to the dance. If you keep a bucket of sparklers and one with water for the burnt-out ones handy, your guests can illuminate your dance from start to finish.

Finally, when the time comes for the happy couple to leave the reception, our 20" wedding sparklers can be used to create a tunnel of golden light for you to walk through on your way to the car that will whisk you off to start your new life together. When you need the finest in sparklers for weddings there is only one place to shop, the Wedding Sparklers Out has what you need to make your wedding day unforgettable.