You started your wedding cake business dreaming of providing the finest and most amazing cakes to happy couples in the area. There is nothing like the feeling you get when your clients see their cakes for the first time. It takes you hours to decorate the cakes, perfection being the only option, as far as you are concerned. But after several years, it seems as though you are in a bit of a rut. At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, we think that perhaps you should consider adding cake sparklers to your decorating options.

Why Wedding Cake Sparklers?

Well, why wouldn't you use wedding cake sparklers? Imagine the joy on your newlywed couple's faces when the cake is unveiled at the reception to a shower of golden sparkles from the cake sparklers you added to their cake. The glow of the sparklers will only be bested by the happy glow coming from the happy couple's faces.

They are simple to add to the cake and come in both 4- and 6-inch lengths to meet your needs. All of our wedding cake sparklers burn virtually smoke free, making them safe for indoor use, although outdoor use is recommended. Our 4-inch long cake sparklers will burn for approximately 30 seconds. Our 6-inch cake sparklers will burn for approximately 50 seconds.

Branch Out Beyond Weddings

If wedding cakes are not your only specialty, our cake sparklers can also be used to brighten up a birthday party for just about any age. We also offer number sparklers that are the perfect way to light up a birthday cake. Our number sparklers include the numbers 0 through 9, with each number individually packed.

Imagine a child's face when instead of ordinary birthday candles, his or her cake is awash in a golden shower of sparkles depicting their age. The guests are sure to go home talking about the amazing birthday cake. It won't take long before cake sparklers are among your top requests when it comes to making birthday cakes.

Anniversaries and More

You can also use our number sparklers for wedding anniversary cakes to show the year the couple were married or how many years they have been married. The list goes could even put them on New Year's Eve party cakes. Those in attendance can light them as the ball drops, bringing in the new year with a golden shower of sparks and one of your totally amazing cakes.

How you use our cake sparklers is only limited by your imagination and by what your customers start asking you to do with them. It won't take long, once word gets out about your use of sparklers in your cake decorating repertoire, before the list of new customers starts to grow. Here in the U.S., we are always looking for ways to make things more exciting, more memorable, and very much out of the ordinary.

When you are ready to take your wedding cake business to the next level, come visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet online and see all that we have to offer. Let us help you grow by adding the new dimension of wedding cake sparklers to your already amazing cakes.