Your wedding day needs to be spectacular from the moment you walk down the aisle to meet your groom until the time that you and your new spouse walk out of the wedding venue to start your new life together. Part of planning your special day should include what happens after the two of you have exchanged your vows. The experts at Wedding Sparklers Outlet offer these wedding sendoff ideas to help add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding ceremony.

1. Under a Shower of Golden Sparks

One of our favorite wedding sendoff ideas starts with two buckets of our 20" sparklers and one filled with cold water. Place one of the buckets of sparklers on each side of the exit for your guests to grab one. Make sure they have lighters on hand to ignite the sparklers as they line the pathway out of the event venue. Then the bride and groom can walk through a glowing tunnel of golden sparks on their way to the "getaway" car.

2. Be Bold with Bubbles

If the venue doesn't allow our 20" sparklers, we have another very popular option for you to consider. Arm each of your guests, both young and old, with a container full of bubble solution and make sure they all have bubble wands. Then as the bride and groom start walking along the path on their way out, everyone can shower them with hundreds of bubbles. They leave nothing behind and are sure to delight everyone. While sparklers are great for when it's dark outside, you can use bubbles at any time of day or night.

3. Confetti Cannons

In searching for the best wedding sendoff ideas, one of our favorites is to equip each of the guests with a wedding confetti cannon from Wedding Sparklers Outlet. Not only is the confetti in our cannons beautiful and harmless, but it is made from biodegradable paper. Your guests can shower the bride and groom with bright, colorful confetti that dissolves in water and can be washed into the ground with a garden hose or by the rain. Our confetti is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

4. Create a Beautifully Scented Exit

This has to be one of our favorite wedding sendoffs. Lavender petals are relatively easy to find and not particularly expensive. However, if you give your guests paper cones filled with them to toss over the bride and groom as they leave the church or wedding venue, the soft purple colored petals will fill the air with color along with the incredible scent of lavender. The best part is that these are all natural and completely eco-friendly. There is no reason to clean them up as they will eventually help to fertilize the ground long after your wedding is over.

5. Create an Herb Bar

The last of our wedding sendoff ideas is to create a delightful herb bar for your guests to choose from to shower the bride and groom when you can't use our 20" sparklers. Choose herbs like thyme, rosemary, mint, and sage. Not only are they very aromatic, but they can also be picked up at your local grocery store or ordered in bulk online and are very affordable. As a bonus, they are eco-friendly and a unique way to make your wedding exit unforgettable. All you need is bowls, a scoop, and cute little paper bags for your guests to fill.