Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception. While you could simply be like the average couple and have a lovely decorated cake made just for you by your local bakery, isn't this what everyone else does? So, if you are looking for a way to make your cake  totally unique and memorable why not add bottle top cake sparklers to your wedding cake?

Made Just for Your Cake

While you could perhaps add a few candles to your cake, it's not a birthday, it's your wedding, the most important day of your life. So why not up your game, and go for bottle top cake sparklers and really light up the day! You could also be tempted to use standard wedding sparklers and stick them directly into the cake, this is not a good idea.  As they burn, there is a serious risk of damage to your cake, not to mention the shower of sparks landing on it.

Bottle top cake sparklers from Wedding Sparklers Outlet are specifically designed to be used on cakes as they burn. These wedding sparklers will not leave any type of residue on your cake nor will they cause any type of damage to the frosting.  These cake sparklers don’t use any type of color pigments, which make them virtually smokeless and perfectly safe for use indoors.

These are all important factors to consider as you decide where to buy wedding sparklers (including cake sparklers). It only makes sense to order all your wedding sparklers from one place. Not only does this help to ensure you will get a great deal on your sparklers at Wedding Sparklers Outlet, but it also helps to ensure that your entire order of wedding sparklers arrives from one location in plenty of time for your special day.

About Our Bottle Top Cake Sparklers

Our bottle top cake sparklers are perfect for use on your wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake, or cake for just about any other type of special occasion. These wedding sparklers measure a full six inches long and one-half of an inch in diameter. Once they are lit, they will burn with a bright golden flame measuring 12 to 16 inches in length for approximately 50 seconds. They contain nontoxic chemicals that make them safe for use on cakes and any other type of food products.  They also have a 1-inch long plastic spike on the bottom so that you can stick them in the cake and they will hold firmly in place. If you want to add a final magic touch to the moment, we also offer Bottle Service Clips that can be clipped on your champagne bottle, fitted with sparklers, and lit just before it's time for your wedding toast.

No Better Way to Add a Magical Touch

There is no better way to add a magical touch to your wedding day! Give your guests wedding sparklers for right after the ceremony (they make a great archway for the bride and groom to walk through), and add bottle top cake sparklers to your wedding cake and give your guests a thrill.

For more information or to order your wedding sparklers visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet and choose from our huge selection. Be sure to order plenty of our wedding day sparklers for your guests and order early to ensure they arrive on time!