Beach Wedding Season Is Here: Your Guide To The Ultimate Beach Wedding Part 2
Once you have your location, time and date, and your photographer set up, it is time to work out the more minor details. (If you haven't yet, read The Ultimate Beach Wedding: Part One)  Let's take a look! 

Beach Wedding Outfits 

Since the beach is sandy, windy, and sunny, there will need to be additional considerations for your dress, suits, and guest dress code. Most people will not want to wear formal attire on the beach, so make sure that you are comfortable with guests wearing more casual clothing like linen and other lightweight fabrics. 

As far as your dress, you will likely not want a giant ballgown with a long train as it will get caught up in the sand and blown around by the wind. It is hard enough to walk down the aisle of a church in a ballgown, let alone a sandy beach. Consider more flowy gowns that are lightweight. 

There is also the shoe situation. Are you okay with everyone going barefoot? If so, have a place where people can stash their shoes to keep everything organized. 

Sound on the Beach

It might be loud between the wind and the waves and others on the beach. Make sure your guests can hear your officiant by providing him a microphone. Additionally, if you are going to have music, be sure to consider whether you will have electricity on the beach or if you will need a battery-operated speaker for music and microphone. 

Weather Elements 

Along with causing extra sound and creating trouble for outfits, the wind and sun are unforgiving for a lot of decor like candles that can melt and be blown out by the wind, place cards and tablecloths blown away, and certain flowers that can wilt. 

Though you won’t have to have many decorations for a beach wedding because of your gorgeous surroundings doing all the heavy lifting, choose carefully what you include due to the weather. Opt for flowers that can stand the sun like greenery and orchids, tablecloths that are pinned down, flameless candles, and other decor that won’t fly away. 

 The Wedding Exit 

When you exit in traditional venues, you have a wide array of choices to choose from to make it extra special. From rice to confetti cannons and bubbles, there aren’t many restrictions. 

However, with beach weddings, you have to consider that you are in the home of a lot of precious animals. It is crucial to protect and preserve our beaches so they stay beautiful. If you want to use wedding confetti cannons, make sure that it is a water-soluble one so that it can't pollute the environment. Another great option is a grand sparkler exit. Just make sure to have a trashcan where your guests can place any waste. It will be stunning in photos and keep the beach safe. 

 Back-Up Plan 

 Weather on the beach is unpredictable. That is why it is necessary to always have a back-up plan! Your back-up plan doesn’t have to be extravagant; it can be something as simple as waiting out the rain or having a large tent on standby. 


Some small bonus things to induce at your beach wedding for a more memorable and comfortable guest experience: Sunscreen Your guests will thank you for looking out for them. Have small bottles of sunscreen available will keep your guests from getting burnt while enjoying your special day. 

 Fans or Blankets

If you choose to have your ceremony in the heat of the day, providing personal fans is a nice gesture to keep everyone cool. If it is in the evening, it can get chilly, so having some small light blankets is an excellent way to keep the chill off of your guests.


Your guests will likely get thirsty, especially if your wedding is in the middle of the day. Set out some water or lemonade to keep everyone hydrated. 

 Baby Powder 

Yes, you read that correctly. Baby powder is a professional beachgoer’s secret weapon for sandy feet. Give your guests some baby powder to put on their feet before leaving, and the sand will slide right off. 

 Though it seems like a lot to consider, pulling off the ultimate beach wedding will be a day you’ll never forget. Use this guide to help you along, and you’ll be on your way to an enchanting day.