However, most people are only familiar with sparklers found at their local stores. Unfortunately, choosing the right sparklers for a wedding celebration involves features they don’t have. So, are wedding sparklers different than regular sparklers?

Here is a rundown of how they are different, how they are the same, and when you can realistically use the regular type in a wedding scenario.

How Wedding Sparklers Different From Regular Ones

There are a few specific ways that regular sparklers differ from sparklers that are made specifically for weddings.


The most obvious difference between the two types of sparklers is what they are packaged in. The ones you find in your local stores will not be packaged for weddings. They’ll most likely have graphics on the boxes (like American Flags) that you don’t want to clash with the theme of your wedding.

Sparklers packaged for weddings are in much more elegant packaging and generally feature neutral colors on the packaging that will fit within any wedding theme.

Size Options

It may seem cliche, but in the case of wedding sparklers, size matters. For instance, if you are using sparklers for your reception send-off, the more guests you have at your wedding the larger the size of sparklers you will need.

Local stores only sell one size of sparklers (generally 8-inch sparklers) that will only last 15-20 seconds. That is not enough time for a wedding send-off.

Wedding sparklers, on the other hand, come in a variety of lengths to fit your needs. The more guests you will have at your wedding, the longer the length of the wedding sparkler you are going to want to purchase. Wedding sparklers generally come in 3 different sizes, so you should be able to choose the exact correct size to suit the number of attendees at your wedding.

Smokeless Sparklers

The last (and possibly most important) difference between regular sparklers and wedding sparklers lies in the chemical composition and manufacturing materials. If you want to use them indoors or want to avoid smoke for any reason, smokeless sparklers are your best option. 

The only way to achieve this is by selecting sparklers that are gold in color and made using steel sticks instead of wooden sticks. Any other type will create smoke. This is one of the biggest differences between wedding sparklers and regular ones. 

In general and sparkler, you are going to purchase at a local store will have a wooden stick and a different chemical composition than wedding sparklers. This is a very important consideration.

Overall, deciding whether a regular style sparkler or one designed just for weddings is the right fit depends on a variety of factors. Intimate gatherings or outdoor events are the most flexible. However, if you’re having your celebration indoors, choosing a smokeless option is a necessity. It is important to compare the difference between the two and decide what makes the most sense.