For some couples, the idea of an open liquor bar is aspirational, other people don’t want to serve alcohol at their wedding for a variety of reasons. When it comes to offerings at the wedding, there are endless ways to entertain and feed guests without resorting to alcohol. Instead, dessert bars or other snack stations can offer a unique specialty to your guests. 

Creating a unique bar at your wedding will wow guests and give them something to remember for years to come. Creating a theme is a fun way to explore offering a bar or grazing table at your wedding. This allows guests to mingle and dive into the table whenever they please. These tables are a great way to bring guests together between the wedding and reception, or as a first course for dinner, or a dessert bar during the reception! Even an end of the evening bar with late-night eats and treats can be a great way to send guests on their way with a snack and essentials in hand. Some couples have specialized tastes and prefer a more specific bar offering, like an ice cream sundae bar, a popcorn bar, a donut table, or other specialty treat. 

Offering an ice cream sundae bar could include items like ice cream in a variety of flavors, banana, cherries, chocolate and caramel sauce, sprinkles, whipped cream, waffle cones, and so much more. The possibilities are endless! 

A popcorn bar might include plain, buttered, cheddar and caramel corn along with cute containers, napkins and other theme accessories. 

A donut bar allows for creative display through stacking or configuring donuts in a unique way to create a cute and festive display that is tasty and eye-catching. When choosing the types of desserts, candies or other treats for your epic bar, you’ll want to consider the aesthetic of the display and how it appears to guests. 

You can tie in any elements of your decor including colors, flowers, linens, and other additions that will accentuate the overall vibe of the event. Creating color palates and themes that are cohesive is an important part of the event. It’s also possible to integrate the theme colors into the items themselves by choosing treats that are the same color or design. You can add height to the display table by adding shelves or a multilevel display, or you can add signs that point to each offering and explain a bit about it. You can also add flowers or greenery to the table to create an offering that pops with color. 

Choose containers that fit your theme, whether they are clear or colored, matching, or have vintage vibes, there are so many options for containers that will fit your theme. Candy bars allow couples to provide their guests with a variety of treats to choose from. Rather than offering a single cake sliced for all the guests with only one flavor option, a candy bar allows guests to choose from a variety of offerings. Some candy bars feature store-bought sweets, while others prefer to bring homemade favorites including special items made from family recipes. Some items to include are cupcakes, donuts, chocolate-covered pretzels, gummies, cookies and rock candies. Creating a candy bar can offer an adorable way to display sweets and treats for guests to help themselves throughout the event. 

 A cheese bar is another popular option for weddings, offering a variety of charcuterie including cheeses, meats, olives, breads and spreads. These bars usually incorporate fresh and dried fruits, nuts, crackers, chips and dips. They are arranged with various colors and textures accentuating the offering, and guests can come to the bar to fill their plates and access items on their own without relying on serving staff to come to them with items. This allows guests autonomy and freedom to enjoy the festivities you’ve so kindly offered.

 Accent your offerings with galvanized buckets filled with sparklers. These sparklers serve as table decor throughout the event and double as an epic farewell at the end of the night.