At some point during the year, most of us have at least one special event such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday that we want to celebrate in style. While banners, bunting, and fancy decorations are all good ideas, most of these have become rather passé over the years. Everyone has at some point used one or all of them to liven up the party. At Wedding Sparklers Outlet, our goal is to help add a touch of magic to your event with our selection of smokeless sparklers. We have 10, 20, and 36-inch sparklers for sale at affordable prices.

The Birthday Party

If you are having an outside birthday party, one of the best ways to add a touch of magic to the party is by adding our cake sparklers to the birthday cake. We have cake sparklers for sale that burn virtually smoke-free and come in both 4 and 6-inch sizes. You get four in each pack that come with plastic spikes you insert into the cake. Our 4-inch cake sparklers burn for up to 30 seconds, while the 6-inch version will burn for up to 50 seconds. Imagine the look on the guest of honor's face when you bring out the cake while it is being showered with golden sparkles.

By the Numbers

If you prefer to leave the candles showing the number of birthdays in the drawer, we offer an alternative for you. We have individual number sparklers for sale, including the numbers from 0 to 9. You can use them in any combination to display the age of the person celebrating their birthday. These sparklers will burn for up to 30 seconds and come with a plastic spike that can be inserted into the cake to hold them in place. They emit a golden shower of sparks that are harmless and won't stain the icing on your cake.

Ring in the New Year

When New Year's Eve comes along, everyone offers silly hats and noisemakers to help the revelers in their party ring in the new year. But, much like candles on a birthday cake, these items are dated and so common they have become a bit on the boring side. Why not treat your guests to our 36-inch sparklers instead. They can go outside and light them when the ball starts to drop. These sparklers will burn for up to 36 smoke-free minutes, ensuring they remain lit for the duration of the ball drop and into the new year. Your guests are sure to appreciate your efforts and are sure to remember that you did something completely different for your New Year's Eve Party.

No matter what special event you have in mind, our selection of virtually smokeless sparklers is sure to be a big hit with your guests. We sell them in individual packs ranging in size from 40 to as many as 240 to ensure you have plenty to give each of your guests at least one if not more to help you celebrate.