You have spent hours putting together virtually every minute detail of your wedding. The theme, the color scheme, the caterer, the bridesmaid's dresses, even the flowers, but still something seems to be missing, but you can't quite seem to put your finger on it. You've even chosen the music that will play as you and your new husband or bride walk arm in arm out of the wedding venue after the ceremony. The one thing you may have forgotten is to replace the confetti with wedding sparklers so your guests can celebrate your exit.


Confetti is old school, and rice, well not only is this an ancient practice, it leaves a mess behind and can be harmful to small birds and animals. However, 36-inch wedding sparklers are the newest wave in wedding exits. Your guests can use them to create an amazing arch of golden sparks showering down over the happy couple as they make their way to the car that will take them off to the reception or their honeymoon.


Why Wedding Sparklers?


There are several different items you can give your guests to help you celebrate your special day. These include confetti, rice, confetti cannons, and flower petals. But none of these can quite compare to an archway made completely of brightly burning wedding sparklers. Your guests will be delighted with them and they can add a touch of rare beauty to the wedding photos. More importantly, handing each of your wedding guests a 36-inch wedding sparkler is a great way to create a memory that will last a lifetime.


Safe, Fun & Memorable


Sparklers are not only an amazing way to celebrate your special day, but they are so safe that even your younger guests can get in on the fun. They are just like the sparklers kids get to play with on the 4th of July, only bigger. A single 36” sparkler will burn for a full 3.5 minutes leaving behind nothing more than good memories and a metal rod that can easily be recycled or disposed of. The only thing you need to provide beyond the sparklers themselves is a bucket of water for your guests to place the hot rods in when they have burned out.

Many churches and wedding facilities have now banned the use of rice or confetti simply because of the mess they leave behind. By choosing to celebrate with wedding sparklers, you are doing your part to help the environment by not leaving behind tons of paper confetti or gallons of rice. If wedding sparklers for your guests are not quite enough to make your day complete, why not add cake sparklers to your wedding cake? They are a fun way to bring a little more sparkle to your day; one that you and your guests are certain to remember forever. At Wedding Sparklers Outlet we carry a full range of every size sparkler in different colors to ensure we can always meet your needs. Check out our entire inventory today!