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A Step-By-Step Guide For Drawing In Photos With Wedding Sparklers

Posted by Wedding Sparklers Outlet on 4/15/2016 to Weddings

Wedding sparklers are a hot commodity for weddings and photos. Sparklers are great for guest engagement, decoration, send-offs, celebration tools and props. Wedding sparklers can also be used in photos as a tool to draw words, hearts, shapes and more. But how do you capture that moment?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for drawing in photos with wedding sparklers:

Step One: “Purchase Wedding Sparklers”: Purchase sparklers for your photos. Our advice? Purchase a pack. In order to capture the perfect photo you will need multiple sparklers to be sure you nail the drawing. Sparklers only last a few minutes, so if you have multiple photo ideas, having multiple sparklers on hand will be helpful.

Step Two: “What do I do with the camera?” Place your camera on a tripod and make sure your photo idea is framed correctly. You will also want to be sure your flash is on. One flash should do the trick, depending on the lighting and exposure.

(Having a helper for your sparkler photos is helpful)

Step Three: “Adjust your settings” Make sure your camera is set to a long shutter speed, your white balance is set for shade and a low ISO. (Your f-stop should be 5.6 and ISO should be around 100) Your shutter speed (very important) should be set to 8-25 seconds. These settings will assist the capture of the sparkler in motion! It takes between 15-25 seconds to capture the sparklers trail.

Step Four: “Grab your sparkler and get ready!” This process is very quick. You only have a few seconds to perfect this photo. If you plan to do a heart or just streaks of sparkler, you can do so from the photo. If you are wanting to write a word or phrase, you may need two sparklers to get the job done in time. Write the phrase or word as quickly as possible and run! Make sure you hold the sparkler with the lit end facing the camera. Be sure to write the letters in the correct order, from the camera’s point of view

Wow your family and friends with your magical sparkler photos! They will be a great photo for your invites or save the dates. It will leave a lasting impression and dazzle your guests!