A Guide To Planning a Last-Minute Wedding
Sometimes you don’t have months or even years to plan a wedding. Most guides walk you through planning a wedding over a year, but we are here to give you a helpful guide to plan a last-minute wedding. 

Consider Alternative Venue and Date Options 

With a short timeline, many venues become booked as many people book their venues months or a year in advance. When planning your last-minute wedding, the venue is the first thing you will want to book. If you find that your wedding venue options are all booked up, consider alternative venue options such as restaurants, a backyard wedding, or renting an Air BNB. If you want to stick to a traditional venue, try to pick a date that would be less popular, like a wedding during the week, or be more flexible with the time of day. 

 Additionally, since vendors can be booked up too and are one of the most time-consuming parts of planning a wedding, consider a venue with all the things you need, like a restaurant. They already have seating, linens, glasses, food, and wait staff. It takes a lot of the time-sensitive logistics out of a last-minute wedding. 

Choose Only the Essentials 

When crunched for time, you won’t be able to have every small detail and all of the extras that can come with weddings. Consider what is truly important to you. There are many extra things that people choose to include in their big day. But when planning last minute, it is essential to only focus on the basics and a few memorable moments. It will not only save you time since it is last minute, but it will also save money, and your wedding will be very personal to who you all are as a couple. 

Keep it Simple 

Along the lines of choosing only the essentials, you’ll want to keep the wedding simple. Skip the save the date, and opt for an email or social media post informing your guests that they should be seeing an invitation coming soon. Choose just one special grand moment of the wedding, such as doing a sparkler exit or confetti cannon exit, to make your last-minute wedding memorable without too much planning. It will make for great pictures and a fantastic experience for guests. 

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Focus on getting the perfect outfits for you and your partner. Let the wedding party choose their outfits. They will get something they like, and it will take the stress out of making sure all of the matching dresses or suits come in and get tailored on time. Don’t worry; you can still set some guidelines to ensure the outfit they choose fits your vision. 

 Overall, there are only a few key things that are different when planning a last-minute wedding, but follow this guide and your short-notice wedding is sure to go smoothly. Are you considering a last-minute backyard wedding? Check out this wedding guide for more help!