The idea of using wedding sparklers at the end of your wedding night as you and your love make your grand wedding exit isn’t a new concept that has recently started trending. Wedding sparkler exits have been one of the most popular wedding trends for years. It’s an exciting end to a fantastic evening, so it makes sense. Sparklers are exciting, make for visually interesting photos and leave people with a really fun memory at the end of your night.

The truth is though that wedding sparklers can be used for many other things than exits. With that in mind, today we want to share with you 5 other ways you can use wedding sparklers to make your special night shine. 

Ditch The Flower Girl And Consider A Sparkler Girl 

Are you a little non-traditional and want to shake things up? Instead of having the traditional flower girl at your wedding ceremony, why not a sparkler girl? Letting her walk down the aisle holding a single lit sparkler will create a moment in your wedding that those attending have likely never seen before. Even better, unlike dropping flowers everywhere as she walks down the aisle (which requires clean up and sometimes extra fees from the venue), the clean up on a single sparkler is essentially zero.

You’re sparkler girl will be beaming as she walks down the aisle, making your wedding not only unique but ensuring it will be something that your guests talk about for years.

Give Sparklers To Your Wedding Party For Your "I Do" Kiss

Sticking with the theme of creating amazing, unique photo experiences that you will cherish for years to come, let’s talk about the “I Do” kiss.

Give your bridal party sparklers that they can light right before your big moment. If they circle around behind you with sparklers it will create a magical moment that your photographer and attendees will be able to photograph and turn into a unique, magical memory.

PRO TIP: This one can be a little tricky to pull off correctly, so it would be best to purchase enough extra sparklers that you can practice it once or twice on your wedding rehearsal night.

Unity Candle? Add A Sparkler

Again, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary and unique, one fantastic thing to consider is punching up the lighting of the unity candle. Unity candles are a tradition that ‘s been around forever. Instead of using two candles to light the unity candle, why not make it more exciting for your wedding guests by using sparklers to light the candle? It will surely be something that people remember for years to come.

Sparkling The Bridal Party Entrance

These days it’s become a trend for the bridal party entrance to be unique, silly and entertaining as a way to kick off a fantastic wedding reception evening. Adding sparklers to your bridal party’s reception entrance is sure to kick the festivities off in the right way that will set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Cutting the Cake With Sparklers

Let us ask you a question. When is the last time you recall watching the cake cutting at a reception. The truth is your probably haven’t. Most of the reason for this is because the reception is in full swing, and frankly the cake cutting isn’t that exciting. 

But, if you have your catering company wheel out your wedding cake with cake sparklers attached to it, people are going to stop what they are doing and give you their full attention as you and your love cut your cake in front of everyone.