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36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Packages
36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Packages

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Packages

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  • Burn time:Approx. 4 minutes
  • Lighting:Easy-to-light tips
  • Length:36 inches ( 3 FEET LONG)
  • Wiring:Steel and low smoke

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40 Person Package (40 Sparklers)
80 Person Package (80 Sparklers)
120 Person Package (120 Sparklers)
160 Person Package (160 Sparklers)
200 Person Package (200 Sparklers)

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers for the Grandest Send-off!

All of our 36-Inch Wedding Sparkler Packages include one sparkler per person and each sparkler burns for approximately 4 minutes.

The longest lasting and brightest sparklers on the market; our 36-inch sparklers for a wedding are produced on steel wire which means they are considered smokeless and ensure high quality, smoke-free photographs!

Before your sparkler send-off, our 36-inch sparklers can be a fun addition to your wedding reception. Create a fun and elegant display with one of our extra-large wedding sparkler buckets. For an extra touch, attach one of our wedding sparkler tags to each sparkler!

Lighting Made Easy!

Our 36-inch sparklers in bulk are produced with easy-light tips to make them easier to light. Also, as the best way to light a sparkler is with another lit sparkler, each sparkler order includes a free 6-pack of 10-inch sparklers to help with a quick lighting process. We'll also provide our simple lighting instructions and suggestions for an organized send-off.

Our Recommendations for Using 36 Inch Sparklers

36-inch sparklers for a wedding are great for any wedding size or theme, and are especially recommended for weddings with 150 guests or more. With a 3.5 minute burn time, you will have plenty of time to light the sparklers and have a great send-off.

Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers

Because our 36-inch wedding sparklers are the longest lasting—about 4 minutes burn time!—they are ideal for reception send offs where the bride and groom really want a lasting impression made! Maybe your guests make a canopy of sparkling lights that you exit under or they wave you off with sparklers held high in the sky. These long-burning sparklers for weddings are also great for the bridal party. Imagine a line of your bridesmaids and groomsmen exiting behind the newly-wed couple with lit sparklers to commence the celebrations. It’s a sure-fire way to set the mood for a great evening ahead!

Why Buy from Wedding Sparklers Outlet?

You can feel confident buying your wedding sparklers from Wedding Sparklers Outlet! You'll find that many online sparkler stores sell the same low-quality sparkler. We strive to provide brighter and better quality sparklers produced specifically for weddings. We import our sparklers directly from the manufacturer which allows us to pass the savings on to you!

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