Using wedding day sparklers as part of your exit is a wonderful, magical way to make this part of your special day unforgettable. Not only is it a stylish and exciting way to bring an end to your wedding, but you can use the wedding sparklers to enhance your wedding photos. These sparklers are a lot like the ones you and your family have used to help celebrate the 4th of July for as long as you can remember. Here are three top ways in which these sparklers can be used to make your exit special.

Writing with Wedding Day Sparklers

The most common use for wedding sparklers is during the send-off, but there is so much more that can be done with them besides simply holding them aloft. One relatively new way in which they are being used is for "Sparkler Writing," or having your guests move their sparklers through the air to form letters. They can be used to form letters or shapes as your guests see fit. A good photographer using a long exposure can capture the images for you to see after you return from your honeymoon.

The Hearts Have It

Just before you start the long walk through your golden exit arch, why not stop and have the bride and groom each use wedding sparklers to form one side of a heart in front of them? Here again, the photographer can use a longer exposure to capture the image for posterity. Your guests are sure to know just how much in love with each other you truly are by the size and shape of the heart you form. Once you are done with the heart, you can carry your sparklers like torches as you wind your way through the reception line to your awaiting vehicle.

This Little Light of Mine

As the song goes, "I'm gonna let it shine!" Start by giving each of your guests a 36-inch long wedding day sparkler before it’s time for you to make your exit. Have them start lighting them about 60 seconds or so before you are due to start the procession. Then have them hold their wedding sparklers up and over the pathway forming an arch of glowing golden sparks that can harmlessly shower the happy couple as they head off into the sunset or to the reception.

No matter how you choose to light up your wedding exit with wedding sparklers, your guests are sure to be delighted by your decision to use sparklers instead of rice or confetti. Better yet, with sparklers, the only mess you have to clean up is a couple of buckets of water filled with the burned-out steel rods, which is the only thing our wedding day sparklers leave behind and they can be recycled.