Are you planning a Summer 2021 wedding? If so, congratulations! Your big day may seem far off, but it’s time to start planning your summer 2021 wedding as soon as possible. When it comes to having a wedding in the summer, it comes with a lot to be mindful of. So today, we’re rounding up some of our summer 2021 wedding planning tips to help you better prepare. 

Book Your Vendors ASAP

If your dream has been to always get married in the summer months, and now in Summer 2021 the biggest thing we can recommend is to start booking your wedding vendors as soon as possible. As we mentioned, due to the current circumstances, many couples are postponing which means beautiful summer month dates are limited for wedding vendors. So, now is the time to book!

Send Save-the-Dates Sooner

Summertime is prime vacation time for many people, especially when it comes to families with kids in school. We recommend sending your save the date announcements in advance so everyone can plan accordingly! 

Provide Sun and Bug Protection

Not only do the summer months bring a little bit of heat, but they also bring lots of sunshine and bugs! When planning your summer 2021 wedding be mindful of the location of your wedding ceremony and reception. Do you need to order a tent to block sunlight? How many bottles of bug spray or citronella candles can you provide for your guests? All things to consider for a summer wedding!

Aim for a Later Start Time

If you love your guests, you’ll aim for a later start time for your wedding ceremony if it is being held outside. Mid-day in the summertime is when the sun is at its strongest. And after your guests sweat for 30 minutes, they may not be in the best mood to party. The ideal timeline would be to start your ceremony around 5 p.m. and have dinner at sunset. 

End the Night With Wedding Sparklers

Outdoor weddings are perfect for wedding sparklers! With a three and a half minute burn time, your guests will have plenty of time to light their sparklers and give you and your partner a fun and proper wedding send-off.

A gorgeous, outdoor wedding is so ideal for many couples getting married. However, it can come with a little extra planning to ensure the day is perfect. If you’re planning your summer 2021 wedding, we hope these tips help guide you through your planning process.