2021 Wedding Trend: A Sustainable Wedding
Larger trends eventually find traction within the microcosm of wedding trends, and one of the popular crossovers into the 2021 wedding season is sustainability. But how does the concept of sustainability translate into the wedding world? 

The sustainable wedding celebrates a new life together, but it also acknowledges the vast amounts of waste that a traditional wedding can create. However, get used to the idea that no wedding, no matter how meticulously planned, will be 100% waste-free and eco-friendly. But there are some steps you can take to ensure that your wedding creates as little waste as possible. 

Check Your Location 

One of the biggest offenders in wedding over extravagance is the gas-guzzling and emissions generating destination wedding. By taking a look at your guest list and trying to find a more central location for your wedding you can reduce the travel time necessary to get there. You won’t be able to accommodate everyone, but you can try to find a place that requires the least amount of travel overall. 

 Local Efforts 

Find a caterer that uses fresh, local ingredients to create their menus. You may also choose to offer vegetarian options to reduce your carbon footprint, or even go all vegetarian (if your guest list will accommodate this). The popularity of breweries, distilleries and wineries in many areas make it a simple task to source your alcohol locally. 

Your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses can be purchased from a vintage vendor, or you may even choose to wear simple and pretty sundresses that can be worn into the future for other occasions. 

Eco Decorations 

For floral decorations, talk to your florist about using locally-grown flowers (this may be seasonally available). You can even take your sustainability a step further and use living potted plants and greenery to adorn the altar and aisles. Dried herb arrangements can be lovely on tables and make fabulous wedding favors for your guests. If you must have the flowers, see if you can arrange to have the arrangements donated to hospitals after the event. 

Instead of throwing rice (a big no for birds), throw birdseed or make a dramatic farewell display with wedding sparklers. Visit Wedding Sparklers Outlet for a variety of fun options like water-soluble wedding confetti, an earth-friendly solution.

It’s in your reach to make your wedding a more sustainable one. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and find out how your vendors source their wares. Reuse as much as you can (even to arrangements and dresses), and remember that you don’t have to be perfect. Any small steps you take can add up to big change with a sustainable wedding.