There is no doubt about the fact your wedding day and everything about it will be one of the most important events in your life. Every aspect, from the decorations to your wedding dress, must be chosen with extreme care as you only get one chance to make this an unforgettable event. But what are you going to do to make your wedding exit special? Have you considered lighting up this final part of the ceremony? You could give it a much more modern twist with wedding sparklers!

Wedding Sparklers Offer a Fresh, New Way to Celebrate

Long before wedding sparklers, the traditional way to send the bride and groom on their way was to use either rice or confetti. However, not only are these considered old-fashioned, but they pose their own environmental threats you need to think about. Issues that you will never have if you give each of your guests 36-inch wedding sparklers.

Rice has been used to shower the bride and groom on their way out of the church for centuries. It was seen as a way to wish the new couple prosperity. It also puts a source of food on the ground for birds, mice, rats, and other creatures. These animals could easily make a mess of the church or event site if the rice is not cleaned up. Wedding sparklers leave nothing but a steel wire behind in a bucket of water.

Confetti that is thrown by hand or shot out of a confetti cannon looks very cool at the time but leaves behind a shredded paper mess that someone has to clean up. But, no matter how hard the person cleaning up tries, there will be shreds of paper lying around for months that litter the area.

Taking a New Direction

Wedding sparklers give you a fun way to take your wedding day in a completely new direction. Your guests will love making patterns in the air with 36-inch wedding sparklers. They resemble the ones we use to celebrate New Year's and the 4th of July, but longer. In fact, these sparklers will burn for approximately three and a half minutes.

Now imagine it's time to make your grand exit following a lovely and unforgettable wedding ceremony. Your guests gather round to form the gauntlet through which the happy couple will pass on their way to their new life together. Get ready because wedding sparklers offer a fun and totally modern way to make your grand exit!

Give your guests 36-inch wedding sparklers that can be used to form an arch for both of you to pass through, where you will be showered with harmless golden sparkles! Not only does this make for a spectacular exit, it creates one your guests will be talking about for months! Plus you will always remember the golden sparkles that helped usher in your new life as husband and wife!